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2001 Cherokee Cracked Head Need Help and Suggestions


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First, I love my XJ. I've owned it since it was new and I don't ever want to get rid it but my wife would prefer me to buy a new vehicle. It has 215,000 miles on it and the body is in excellent shape with zero rust. But over the last year I've been losing coolant slowly. I've never noticed the oil being milky when I check with the dip stick so I thought it might be leaking into the exhaust side of the head but wasn't sure. Recently, when engine was hot it would lose oil pressure at idle. I replaced the oil pressure sensor and I thought it fixed it but it still happened about 2 months later. I was going to hook a mechanical gauge to see if I had a bad sensor but I removed the oil cap as a previous thread had mentioned and I noticed some milky oil on the oil cap. So I'm thinking the head is cracked. So what do I do? I'm open to suggestions.

A. Do I have the head replaced and wait for other issues to arise from a vehicle is 20 years old. Not sure how much damage is done to the engine. If so, any suggestions on a specific brand to replace the head with?

B. Or since there is 215,000 miles already on the motor do I just replace it with a new engine? If so where do you suggest I get one?

C. Drive it until she blows. It doesn't burn any oil or smoke. A lot of things can happen from the now until the time the engine does go out.

D. Other options?