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1990 XJ WILL NOT START- Help please


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Brewton, Al
So, I’ve got a 1990 XJ that I’m about to light on fire.

The Jeep will turn over, it has spark, and it is getting fuel. It was just running a few weeks back and now it will not fire up anymore. After I try to start it, when I turn the key back from the “crank” to the “run” position, the injectors start to fire uncontrollably.

I’ve checked the CPS, (stator/camshaft position sensor), and the ECU.

I have 10 Xj’s here at the house and have never had this issue. Starting to think there is a short somewhere.

I’ve got a video if the injectors pulsing but can’t figure out how to post it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Also, the only light that comes on in the diagnostic/idiot light panel is the “BRAKE” light. It is only lit up while the key is switched to the “crank” position and the starter is turning the motor over.