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1990 XJ Sport 2 Door -- Cincinnati, OH


NAXJA Forum User
Cincinnati, OH
I'm not going to have the cash for a while to build the Cherokee and I need to pay off some bills so I'm putting it up for sale..

1990 Cherokee Sport
2 Door
207,000 Miles
Manual Locks and Windows
Totally Stock

It runs good the exhaust rattles a bit at startup but it really just needs to be mounted correctly. I was in a hurry and just band-aided it together to get the e-check done in December. Everything including the Cat and back is new. There is some minor rust on the lower door panels and one spot under the side window about a quarter in size. One of the rear hatch shock bolts broke so it doesn't stay up by itself anymore.

I'm going to be out of town this weekend and next but if you want to take a look at it e-mail or PM me we'll work something out.

Asking $1600 OBO

Here are some more pics.. http://www.78cj5.dyndns.org/JeepTech/90XJ/90XJ.html