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16" wheels = larger brakes availble???


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salt lake city
I am going to swap the front for a 76 f250 hp44, using realtively stock/RE suspension.

going the cut down the axle to be ~ the same wms-wms as the rear d44.

Curious, I will have to change the front wheel pattern from stock (and will change the back to match)... so I could go larger (say 16"), but does the 1" bump let me swap in significantly larger rotors/calipers (f&r)?

suggestions on donors welcome...


Trusy me, you won't need more brake than the 1/2 ton Ford/Chevy rotor.

I just about eat dashboard when I get into them.


P.S. There are aluminum twin piston calipers available for the standard Chevrolet mount if you want to trim some weight and help pad life.