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16.5" rims


NAXJA Forum User
Denver, CO
I'm looking for a very cheap set of 16.5" rims, steel preferably, hummers are not an option. I need a 5x4.5 pattern, with around 8-9" wide, and 3.75 or less backspacing...let me know if you happen to have some lying around. _nicko_

These may not be available. Most 16.5's are 8 lug although I've seen 5 on 5-1/2 pattern in a 16.5.

Thanks for the reply, I've been looking all over for them, and it seems that what you said is true. I was looking for them because I found 2 almost brand new sets of goodyear hummer MT's for cheaper than I can get one set of comparable size swampers, but the rims are defeating the purpose of buying those tires....good thing I didn't. _nicko_