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$1500 - $2000 Build.


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So I ran into a 96XJ for free, it needs a tranny but I have one lined up and a friend is putting it in for me.

Since I got this one for free I still have $1500 that I put a side to buy one. With that money I want to build up the XJ. I don't want to go anything bigger than 3.5" lift for now. Can you all give me some suggestion on what I should do witht he money. This will be my 4 XJ but the first time building one and I don't know where to start.
I have tow straps and all the necessary equipment so basicly I just need to build the thing.
Rockrails, a good tranny/ tcase skid, cb, lights, tow points front and rear. You said you wanted a 3.5 inch lift so probably some 31's, and a rear locker. Do you know what axle is in the back? If it is a 27 spline 8.25 you can find some cheap locker options, but if its a dana 35 I would suggest upgrading.

Check the build date or something to see If you have the 27 or 29 spline... the later 96's were blessed with 29's even though its said they are only post 96
Get a lunchbox locker for the rear, some S10/Dakota/BroncoII leafs to build a bastard pack for the rear. Search around, you can find coils for cheap. I have some 3.5" REs selling for $125, so they're out there. Longer lower control arms, YJ brake lines, t-case drop can be either bought fairly cheap or made even cheaper. If you want bigger than 31" tires, you can cut the fenders out to run 32s, or even 33s if you cut a lot and bumpstop properly. And you'll want gears too. That should all come in around that price range maybe even a little left. You'll want some sort of protection for the underbody at that height.
use 91 till they stoped making v-6 0r v-8 coils springs off a t-bird or couger .and spring pack off s-10. ford f-150 shocks in rear t-j shocks up front,works great,did my whole lift for about 125$