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15" tyres verses 16"


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I want to go to 32" tyres amd am wondering if the D rating on 265x75x16 tyres are going to give a stiffer ride compared to 32x11.5x15 which have a C Load Rating. I am going to use these with the Rubicon 4.5" Lift Kit which I havnt bought yet. Any coments???
The ride might be a little stiffer. The D rating tire won't flex as much as a c rated tire,as its design is to carry more payload.

x2,you can let all the air out and probably still not see any real sidewall flex.The Rubi tires are a prefect example of this.
You didnt mention what wheel size you already have. Either way I sure as heck would not sugest paying to change your rims. unless you have a money tree (those $$s should be spent on the xj, just diffrent parts) However if you do have the means, try them both and let us know
My 285/75-16, Dunlop Mud Rovers, L/R D, flex just fine at 10-15 psi.
Really only bought 16's because I had two sets of the 16" rims.
Also run 245/75-16 MT/R, L/R E (Rubi tires) on my KJ and they flex fine at 15-18 psi. I have watched them wrap around rocks many times w/ no problem.