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1 POW rescued! Woo Hoo

Glenn B

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Good job gang! Way to go. Hopefully more to come. :)
That's terrific news! I just saw a short article about it -- wish I had more details. I understand she's shot up pretty badly, though. That's a sucky thing to happen to a teen-age girl who throught she was just taking a ride in the supply wagon, but at least she's alive and safe -- and boy will she have a story to tell the grandchildren.

"Hey, Gamma, what's this purple heart-shaped thing on your bureau?"
That is wonderful news, however......

They are now reporting that "other American bodies" were found at the same Hospitol! I pray that this does not go to the next level!
Yeah I'm real happy they got her; I really thought she was among those who where executed simply because they hadn't interviewed her. I'm glad I was totally wrong and it's good to see her getting the medical attention that she's gonna require.
As much as I rejoice to see one POW come home (more or less) intact, I've got to say that the quote I found at the end of one article about Jessica infuriated me:

``America doesn't leave its heroes behind,'' Wilkinson added. ``Never has. Never will.''

I have to call SPOBI on that. We left a pile of heroes behind in 'Nam, and our government doesn't give two shiatsus what happened to them.

JMHO, of course. New avatar to follow.
Eagle.... you need to stop believing everything you hear in the press.

I know I do not believe half of the thing I heard about our troops on 'nam.

But it seems you measure everything against 'nam, so I am not sure what to say.

All I can say at this point.... don't believe everything you read in the press....America is still making efforts to recover those left in .Nam. Lots of money too. Unjust? hell no. But I don't think every war or battle is related to 'Nam. 'Nam happened. THIS war is happening. There is no comparisson. Two differnt battles. Two different administrations. Two different mindsets.

Now, do not think I dont give a shit. My Grandfather served in WW2, my Dad and Uncles in 'Nam, and myself in the *cold war*. I know what others gave...... stop comparrining it, IT IS NOT THE SAME.

'Nam sucked. The troops where treated very, very badly when they cam home. In fact, some should be considered traitors... as I feel they are.

Let us remember the past... but do noy compare todays battles to yesterdays. What is the point? ? ?

The fact is... our soldiers today liberated a POW. Let us be happy. Forget the propoganda for a day or two.


there are a number of groups that are in fact searching with the help of the locals and old Veitcong soilders in seeking out the missing us service members. It's slow going but it is working.

The remains of another soilder that was sent to Hawaii last year was identified 2 months ago. I saw his name updated on a pow/mia Braclet list.

The modern wars cannot be compaired to wars from 25 years ago.

But I will also raise the BS flag on the never left behind comment. It is a fact of war people die, get hauled away as POW's and end up buried by the enemy someplace.

America lost over 60,000+ men liberating France, There are huge cemetaries honoring these fallen americans, Not all of whom have markers at these are actually in graves or bodies were ever found.

We have never brought those men home.

But in this day and ago of warfare they do what is possible to account for all the missing who have became POW's or Died serving in our corps.