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Rev's Susie
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  • i would like to purchase two stickers and one t shirt in xl, let me know what i need to do thanks in advance Dennis
    Heya, sent a paypal for a MWC sticker, just wanted to make sure you got it. Not sure if I am going to make WF, if u need any other info for mailing, let me know, thanks Ed, eleduardok
    Is it 5$ to ship a sticker too? or can you just put it in an envelope? just wondering, I need at least 2. thanks
    was hoping to get a mwc sticker for my new rig... cant remember how I arranged for the last one I had. thanks
    Hi SUsie,
    I would like to order one new tan hat. WHen they are available.
    please send to: Bob Govea 33W067 Bonnie Street Saint Charles, IL 60174.
    you can email a paypal invoice to: [email protected]
    I know pig-gig is coming up and you will be busy. Whenever you fiond a minute is good for me.


    have a safe and fun pig-gig

    Hi Rev's Susie, I would like to order a Large T shirt and a MWC sticker. I got picked for the Ultimate Adventure with 4-Wheel & Off Road magazine this year. I leave July 3. I would like to wear the MWC colors proudly. Would I receive the order before I leave?

    Thanks John Bjorum 96 Classic
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