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NorthWest Chapter Trip Reports A place to post up details after an adventure.

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Old June 27th, 2017, 22:44
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Northwest Fest 2017

TORXreport: Northwest Fest 2017
June 22-25, 2017
Naches, Wa

Excited to get back to Naches again with the Jeep, I did some prep work the weekend before. Nothing too major, just checked fluids, re-torqued suspension/steering, and addressed any issues I found. I had the Jeep loaded, food run done, and was on the road by early afternoon, Thursday. I definitely wasn't looking forward to four hours in my Toaster Oven, but the Jeep settled into it's rhythm and we were checking off the miles. Headed up I5, to 123, and through the NP.

It was an easy drive up, and I made great time over the pass.

Arrived at NWF17 base-camp to find the Mnkyboy_Family, Flo-rida_Nick, and Ralph. Went to sleep under the stars, and woke up to an awesome sunrise. The Adam's Family caravan arrived around 0000.

Love the early mornings at Naches.

Eventually it was time to wheel.

We had a group of five rigs for Friday's morning run. We headed off up 1708 to the rocks. I gotta say sometimes I don't mind being the trail leader as it means clean air all day.

The group at the Five Finger's climb.

Making our way across the ridge side.

Arrived to a quiet Funny Rocks. Adam proceeded to run the ledge line, and shear off some brand new IRO yoke u-bolts. "That shouldn't have happened!"

While parts were being ordered in Yakima, the rest of us headed out to play around a bit.

Dropping down from the top.

This was the start of "Ralph making it look easy"

Nick and Stanley. Stanley wheeled Naches 40+ years ago in a flatty, so it was fun to hear his .02.

Getting the shot.

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Old June 27th, 2017, 23:01
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

We headed over to Moon Rocks to check them out and run some lines. Tight squeeze to get there.

Arrived on our lunar landscape.

After playing around a bit, we headed back.

Adam front wheeling it out, pretty sure he got air on this one.

At the turn for Lilly Pond 617, Nathen and Adam headed back via 1708. Nick, Stanley, Ralph, and myself set off to run Lilly Pond up and out.

There were some good climbs to claw up.

We finished off the trail with no issues, and began to head down from the pond.

Arrived back at camp to find it a little more filled in. California_Weirdo, Nick, Joe, Adam, ZJ Brandon and his Easton posse to name a few. After some BS'ing some of us were itching to get some more trail time in. A small group of us headed out for a Raven's Roost sunset run. We stuck to the trail on the way up, which is actually pretty decent. Two-hundred yards from the top, we hit snow. Nasty, late June, shaved ice, oatmeal, snow.

Even 10:1_Guy got stuck in it.

So we turned around, and jumped on the FS road at the last trail crossing. It's always so surreal to cross the ridge as the sun is setting, with two cliff sides on either side.
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Old June 27th, 2017, 23:17
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

We reached the summit at the perfect time, just as the sun was setting.


Then this silly Honey Badger looking thing came over and started pan handling.

We headed back down to camp, and BS'd around the fire. Saturday morning rolled around, 0700.

Wanting to cover some ground, and tackle Clover Springs' "Very Steep Hill", six of us set off at 0800. A quick 10 mile jaunt down 410, we began to head up the 1600 road. Nathen shredded a belt on the MJ, and decided to head back. The rest of us continued on.

We reached the Clover Springs trail head (more like a random game trail on a corner), and were anxious to start.

Little bit of off camber on the descent in.

After some timber crawling, and a few water crossings, we were at the base of the "very steep hill." I set the Rail in 1rst, turned the lockers on, and started my way up. I decided to feel it out rather than pin it to win it. The Falcon's kept biting the whole way up with steady progress. I was actually doubting myself whether or not I was really at the top.

Nick heading up next.

He made it 80% but got denied on a large undercut root. Superwinch got it over, and off to the top he went in the Wus.

Ralph up next.

A big rock on the first part swallowed his rear tire. A quick cable pull, and he was back making progress and on his way up.
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Old June 27th, 2017, 23:31
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

Adam taking his turn up the hill. The same rock that swallowed Ralph got him. Rather than grenade an axle, the guys weren't shy about pulling the line. No shame in keeping the group rolling.

Then there was Nick bringing up the tail.

He had to work at it, but in the end he was able to conquer Clover Springs unassisted. I guess the new build works okay.

Back out on the main road we realized we conquered the trail in about an hour and a half. What to do now...

We decided to stay on this side of the highway, and continue on up the ridge taking Clover Springs up to Mud Springs trail. We hit a few sections of trail, and then had to figure out where the hell we were. Nick was able to look at his go-go-gadget watch and figure out where we were.

Continued on at an easy pace enjoying the day. Weather was awesome!

Hooked up with Mud Springs trail which follows the ridge. Portions were still snowed in a bit, and we had to do some snow busting.

Mud Springs and then over to Little Bald Mountain.

We made our way down from the ridge, hit up Whistlin Jack's for some fuel, and made it back to camp for the festivities.

There was some loot to be won.
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Old June 27th, 2017, 23:46
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017


Eric, excited to win some leggings.

We wrapped up the festivities, and then a few of us hadn't quite satisfied out wheeling itch yet. Nick, Nick, and myself geared up for an evening attack on Aardvark Hill. Jame's rolled into camp as the raffle was wrapping up in his clean stocker, and took up my passenger seat for the run, thanks for riding along.

We left camp around 2130, and were at the top of Aardvark in less than an hour. It was a clean, good paced run. Once at the top we were still bored, so we ran the rest of Kaner, and then dropped down Lilly Pond under darkness. It was a good way to end the trip.

Sunday morning, packing up was the chore to do. Loaded up the Jeep, aired up the tires, and hit the road.

After two full days of wheeling, the Jeep handled the 200 mile trek back like a champ. The upper 90 ambient temps were too much to run the AC constant though, so it truly was like driving a toaster oven. Managed to make it home before heat stroke truly set in.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the event, and supporting the NWC! Hope to see you guys out on the trail soon.
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Old June 28th, 2017, 06:06
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

Awesome pics and event recap. Have to say you always give good recaps from wheeling trips.
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Old June 28th, 2017, 21:36
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

Had a great time running with you guys see you next time
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Old June 29th, 2017, 06:48
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

Nice report as always Dustin! Wish I could have made it out this year, but with the new build it just wasn't in the cards
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Direct from the Forest Service website:
It is every Americanís birthright to use the national forests in multiple ways, including outdoor recreation in ALL its forms.
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Old June 29th, 2017, 07:11
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

Excellent trip report.

Looks like it was a ton of fun.

Hope to be there next year.
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Old July 17th, 2017, 18:10
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Re: Northwest Fest 2017

I need to build a rig and get back to NWFest
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