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Re: Rock Solid Fab 5.7 Hemi Comanche

I have kicked the idea of a Hemi swap around for a couple years, but the support has just not been in the marketplace, or the lack of information has made me doubt the legitimacy of performing it. I didn’t want to build some Frankenstein pieces together piece of junk, but this thread and you sharing information has breathed new life into my dream. I picked up a 2001 XJ yesterday for the swap and have had a Ram 2500 sitting on the back of the property for over a year, waiting for me to decide to do the swap. I have built several LS swap rigs and they just never gave me what I wanted. Thank you for sharing your build. Can you share some pics of the steering column mods, and any aftermarket part numbers? Also I would suggest that using a 6 speed Dodge Challenger EXM would make things easier on the swap.
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