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Re: Radiator Fan Override Switch (The Easy Way)

Originally Posted by fyrfytr1717 View Post
kastein, I think you're thinking this is the delay timer thread...

This whole thread is about how to wire up an override switch. Just set up your "probe relay" in place of the override switch so that it triggers the fan circuit relay. If you want to do both, I don't see why you couldn't wire it up so that either your probe relay or the override switch would activate the fan circuit relay.

The best thing to do though would be to figure out why your fan isn't activating like it's supposed to and fix the problem rather than working around it. Then wire up an override switch if you still want/need it.
crap, I probably am I tend to get em confused.

Agreed that the best fix is to actually fix it, I have seen two different XJs now with horribly rednecked override switches that actually made things worse. On one the previous owner did it and never told the next owner (a friend of mine), the wiring quality was horrible and the fan was completely nonfunctional even if you could find the switch. We put it back to stock and installed a new temp sensor and it worked perfectly again
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