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Re: Dana 44 problem / questions

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
If the bearing is adequately supported and not creating challenges for the seal, could you possibly solve this with a Speedi Sleeve?

Is the seal O.D. enough larger than the bearing O.D. such that the sleeve could be installed in the axle housing?

Actually, thinking about it, you must have room in the axle housing for a sleeve. That is the source of your problem.

If you can find a sleeve that takes up that slack and then make yourself a mandrel to install it (because you are using it in the opposite side of the picture from what is generally intended), set it into place with a good sealant (perhaps loctite or an anaerobic sealant...I am not sure what would be best in this application...some research would be in order, or a call to loctite), let it cure, remove mandrel and then install axle assembly.

That is the best I can dream up at the moment. IF the bore for the bearing is oversize too there may not be any hope for this method.

Here is a link to a chart of Speedi Sleeves:

Thanks for the tip. I didn't think about using a speedi-sleeve on the inside. I think I found one in the link you gave that will work perfectly. I will simply press it in with the Loctite "bearing glue" and see if it works.
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