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Re: Overheating solved


I don't know how to add pics but here is the fan info:
Spal 30101505 12" Medium Profile Fan (Push)

It's a tight fit, you won't need any fasteners. I just used some RTV to keep it from slipping out. The core support presses on it enough to hold it place. Also, you will sound like a jet on the taxi way. I get weird looks now when its on, its LOUD. Also, no cutting either! I wired it to run automatically with the main AUX fan and I have a switch to turn it on myself if needed. I fed the fan power from the existing AUX fan relay and the switch controls it by using the wiring in the AC that the computer looks for a ground on that commands the fan on. I took a pic and will post it if figure it out.

My model year doesn't have a stock valve. I read that the fluid flow balancing is accomplished by the diameter of the hoses and ports in the cooling system of my year. That's one more reason I think its those High Flow parts. Changing the diameters of the outlet ports affects the fluid resistance to the point of just recirculating fluid through my heater core and not cooling unless I ran the cabin fan. All the while my radiator was just trickling flow.


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