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Re: Overheating solved


I am looking for a permanent solution and so far I've found those Ford restrictors, (Dormans description says its variable, which is another whole thing to consider) various hardware store plumbing fitting and also considering a machined rod with a hole drilled. As of now it's 1/4 turn valve from a hardware store doing the job.

I still need to run tests to determine the maximum valve opening/cooling performance. This whole thing was backwards logic until I actually witnessed it myself.

My coworkers not even a Jeep guy and I have yet to go back and say "you were right", I can only imagine the beer he'll think he's owed! It would really please me to see others resolve their cooling issues too. The pattern I've noticed across the forums regarding this overheating is "stock parts" guys say, no problems here and the "high-flow" guys are still beating their heads against the wall.

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