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Re: NWFEST from my point of view. EXTREME detail writeup

Originally Posted by 2xtreme View Post
with the angle of your winch line to your front axle, it didn't look like it was helping much from where I was standing.

You think you might have over worked your trans
Expecting your Jeep to climb an assecent like that with 3.55 gears and 35's is obsurd! I would never have recomended that I spot you up it if I had known that.

You worried your fellow members MUCH MORE than I think you suspect!!!!

I wasn't on the run with you guys, but one of the MOST important skills of a trail leader is to understand when it is best to turn back and when to push on. It is often NOT an easy decision but in this case I think I might question it.


Glad Michael said essentially what I was thinking. There is some responsibility that comes with leadership and there were 2 things that made it doubly important.

1: There were children involved.
2: It was an official run.

Hope that you take this as supportive feedback because that is how it is intended. I am all for pressing on regardless but as a leader one has to err on the side of caution. I am not sure when the turnaround point should have been but if it were me I would be thinking about it when I find a hill that I am not sure I can winch back up.

From a SAR perspective I would offer the observation that because there was no expected return time or indeed destination the rest of us were left with the only option of waiting until light to call the authorities in which would have been bad if anyone got hurt. Perhaps next year we should consider issuing VHF radios to trail leaders. You do not need to be a HAM to use one in emergencies and at least we would have a mechanism to know if things were going sideways. We could also look at finding out if we could get permission to use a commercial frequency for emergency communications.

Anyway my .02 flame away. Just felt it had to be said.