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Re: Cool video about Auto X

Originally Posted by FlexdXJ View Post
I'm not being cheap its just a gas sipper. Not gonna pick up a car payment if I don't have to. From what I hear most guys are just out there for fun at my local auto x track. Yeah there are gonna be some ricers out there. I'm not gonna be one of them. I'm doing it for fun. I do have some decent upgrades planned for it. No fart can on my car! If it becomes something bigger its WRX time. I'm gonna be out there with an auto so its not gonna be competitive in a civic. At least an auto will hold boost pretty well in the WRX. THE CIVIC IS GONNA BE A TURD!!! Plus I'm just busting Ian's balls! FWIW the 89-91 Si civics are a strong competitor in the street touring class, right there with the miata.
I hear ya and nothing negative directed towards you. I am just commenting on some peoples attitude and reasoning for having a civic. As you said the a lot of people are out there are in civics. I just want to bring up the cause for the high number of civics isn't necessarily because they are a great platform. It's more because of the cost factor involved with setting up a civic on the cheap.

I would love to auto X my 87 supra but the thing is a serious pig and would suck on a tight course. I would also be in such a high weight class I would be up against corvettes/vipers and the such where I would stand no chance ha.
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