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Things I learned at WF Oh-Ten

People will follow me wherever I go.

ARB lockers does not mean you wont get stuck when your stupid

A Jeep blessing needs to be done next year (sorry guys)

Susie can drive a lifted built long as its auto.

My wife getting a lapdance was not as exciting as I thought it would be.

A stray dog will jump into the Ford without any coaxing.

Bob Loose can wheel at Badlands without breaking on Rock Face.

Harry Potter has nothing on LesLimited with sawdust.

6 shots of Jager will make my wife fall over while trying to pee.

Last but not least, it IS the people that make WF what it is. I made allot of new friends, and reconnected with old friends this time. it never ceases to thrill me at how much everyone is dedicated to having fun and showing others a good time.
You are all great.