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Re: Clayton Off Road Long Arm Upgrade!

Originally Posted by chettacheez View Post
I bought one of the 3 link kits a while back and finally got it on. Is there a reason you guys don't use a left hand and right hand joint to allow easy adjustments of the links?

Also how long can I safely adjust the upper?, I think I may have to fab up a new one to get the wheelbase I want out of it.

Originally Posted by bluejeepkid View Post
Wondered the same thing
Originally Posted by chettacheez View Post
I was extremely disappointed when I figured that out. It's a great kit all around but IMHO it is a huge downfall that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your long arm system.
How hard is it to pull one bolt, like any other adjustable arm?
With LH/RH ends, there is always a possibility of movement/unwanted adjustment if a jam nut gets loose.
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