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Re: the sound of inevitability

Got it all together and on the trail for the Dakota Challenge. Everything worked great, have quite a few finishing touches I want to do but there is wheeling that needs to be done!

Day before the event, front on and most extra stuff bolted down. Back to Twisted to get the gooseneck and pick up the temporary side skins.

Temp skins zip tied on. We didn't go full bore with the skins as the front end still needs to done and unsure where the body lines will land. Need to figure out something to break up the flat panels. Maybe a break like the stock body sides have. Picked up some red stock car aluminum for cheap and it will work for the time being. While not a direct match it's close enough.

Night run to start the event.

Day 1 of the DTC

Day on the trail:
Just add lightness
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