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Re: AA NP242J SYE kit yoke extension length?

Originally Posted by Shadowex275 View Post
Buying or having a custom drive shaft from Adams or Tom Woods or the like would be my last resort. I very much prefer the ability to recycle a front drive shaft so that it is both cheep and easy to source from local yards or individuals parting out their Jeeps. Thanks for the input though.
If you end up trying to use a WJ shaft, they're neither cheap nor readily available. Most WJs use non u-joint shafts and the few that do are either already gone or got bent when the loader moved the Jeep around the junkyard.

I used one after I stretched the front on my XJ and when it started getting some play in it because it wasn't really the right length, I just bought new shafts from Adams and don't worry about it anymore. Took me way too long to find the first one, wasn't going to bother trying to find another.

Kept the WJ shaft as a last resort trail spare, so I guess it's worth having but I wish I'd just started with custom driveshafts.
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