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Re: AW4 Trans Yoke length

Originally Posted by Tardis XJ View Post
I have a '89 XJ, 4.0 mpi, AW4, NP 231, 4 door that I just replaced the Dana 35 rear axle, and it appears that the yoke on the transmission end of the drive-shaft is now just barely long enough to keep a seal (no fluid leak has been detected). Q, are there different lengths for the 27 spline AW4 transmission yoke? If so, who sells them? I'm already grateful for any help I receive here.

You replaced the axle and now the driveshaft seems too short? Or was it too short to begin with? If it's a new problem, double check that the new axle is rotated properly and sitting in the correct position on the leaf springs. Did you swap in a newer D35 (the newer c-clip version has a rubber fill plug instead of a threaded metal one)?

There are at least two different length rear shafts, depending on the transmission and xfer case. The automatic trans is about 1" longer than the manual. Lifting the XJ can also require a longer shaft.
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