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AW4 trans pump seals


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Trying to find part numbers to order. On the fluid pump on this AW4, I am changing input seal, bushing (back side to the main shaft), and the large diameter O ring. Likely ordering on rockauto if I can be sure I am on correct items. I find their SKF seal just fine.

Technical Q, since I have seen other dialogue on the common problem of blown fluid out the pump seal. My torque converter has a smooth feel to the seal area, not a obvious wear spot. Should I be considering a repair sleeve anyway?

I did not have a trans cooler added, when the over heat occured. I was towing a boat that is light but very high windage at 10 foot height by the 8.5 width. It normally takes a big V8 or diesel to pull and keep speed up. I had to make do on that day due to a repair problem on the primary truck.

No failure of any part of the trans, just very cooked fluid. I haven't felt very confident on keeping the torque converter, despite it looking in good shape. Miles are somewhere around 150,000. This one just sees street use. Throw out the torque converter since so many over heat with this AW4?
About the only way to report any damage (besides measuring) would be the amount of material in the pan. As far as a sleeve that would be a judgement call but a new torque converter would fix that also.
I had a hard time finding the exact part number for the pump seal. I ended up measuring the ID & OD and then measuring several different seals at Oreilly. Wish I could remember which one I ended up using.

for the TC, I wouldn't be inclined to replace it simply because of a blown seal. If the shaft is smooth and you didn't find any debris in the pan, then I would send it.
When I did a performance build on my AW 4, I got the torque converter from OPT and the rebuild kit from WIT, I don't recall where I got the performance clutches from.
For what it's worth, I replaced my input shaft seal on my AW4 about 6 years ago. It started leaking only at higher RPM's, or pulling a grade. There were no signs of wear on the torque converter at all. I did end up replacing that torque converter about 4 years later, but it had north of 450,000 original miles on it. That being said, with that mileage and no signs of abnormal wear or scarring on the TC and no excessive abuse offroad, I would let it ride.