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Re: Thanks for a Great time everyone

Originally Posted by mrmikey32 View Post
i agree. just made it home on the tow truck....
Tow truck?!
I guess I didn't hear this tell!

We made it home safe and sound. No problems at all other than having to listen to Dave all the way home. Now, I want to find my own trailer. I don't like the borrowing thing. I was actually more concerned with how my truck would preform on this trip rather than my Jeep. Both did fine, I was pleased.

I really think some more time and thought needs to be put into some of these awards that were given. Maybe have voting @ the banquet? Peoples choice award? I feel like there were others that were much more deserving of this particular award. There were some that looked like they just left the production line. No big deal I suppose but, there were much more deserving of the "Cleanest" than myself. I do apperciate the recognition. Please visit for quality XJ bumpers and sliders.

Great event! I vote for a 2 dayer (Fri-Sat)for Twenty-eleven.
Thanks for the memories.