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Re: the sound of inevitability

ok really behind on the updates but our event, Dakota Territory Challenge, starts Thursday so I'm been cramming as much work in as possible. I think I'm sitting pretty good at this point.

After it was running we flexed it up and determined the front end caps had to come back a good inch, so they and the body was cut back more and patched up:

Passenger side:

Drivers Side:

The new panel seams and all the gaps have been sealed with 3M Marine 5200. Stuff seems to work really well, strong but it takes awhile to drive. Like 24-48 hours to firm up. 7 days is full cure! So that was a pain in the butt to work around. Next was the bedliner. I used Metal Shield coating. I started to brush it on and it looked okay but had alot of brush marks. Jason looked at it and thought his Schutz gun would work. We had to thin it out with mineral spirits but it worked and looked great. Almost like a professional shop did it.

But this stuff takes forever to dry. We sprayed it Saturday night and it was tacky Sunday and still soft today. They say 48 hours to firm and they are not joking.

Also got the cage painted. Black hammered paint, Rustoleum. Worked well and dried pretty quickly.

Tonight I got the seatbelts in, the wiring pulled and mostly weeded out, and the seats in.

No pics with the seats, did it right before I left and forgot to takes pics.

Gas tank extension:


Rear fender trimmed flush to fit with the rear panels.

So unfortunately I ran out of time to even think about starting on the front half. So I will be bolting the front clip back on for DTC. I wasn't sure what to do for the side panel so I got some 0.40" racing aluminum in red and we will be breaking panels and zip tying them on for the time being.

Have the wiring to finish up, mount the light bar, high lift mounts, install spare tire, front clip, interior console, install roof and probably a few other things. Going to be a busy couple of days.
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