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Dana 44 problem / questions

I have a Dana 44 housing that has a chronic wheel seal leak problem. It appears that the inside diameter of the section where the seal rests is oversized due to a bearing burning up. I need to fix this. I am a machinist and have machine shop access.


1) Find a replacement housing

2) find a replacement driver's side tube or portion and splice it in.

3) Machine a new end to the tube and attach it.

Anybody have any input/ideas.

I am also considering going with either a wider D44 housing to match the front D44 or moving to a semi-float D60 with a 5x5.5 pattern capability.

Where can I get info on buying or machining a replacement tube. Are there premade tube ends that have the inset machined to hold the bearing/seal that I can weld on? When you retube, how do you address this issue?
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