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Re: Kronik's G2G and ER pre-run

Originally Posted by YELLAHEEP View Post
OMG Cody!!!!! That........... is..............awesome!!!!

I musta JUST left when you did that? Dammit........

Any damage afterwards?

Peach: Great pics man. Thanks for hiking along and capturing the fun!
You had just left. You barely missed it.
Between the time you went to gt your trailer and got back it was done.
Rokinxj94 went monster truck satus on it. So when he was done I kinda said F it.
I'm going over it.
I decided I wasn't going to get stuck going over it. So I went monster truck status on it as well. And made it right over. As you can see from the little wheelie pic. Lol
Well I got over it and decide what the hell. Time to go backwards.
As I hit the car it started lifting up.
I look over at everyone and hear keep going.
So... I kept it going and the only damage was a little slicing of the tire (which is getting replaced thanks to road/trail hazard warranty)and I ripped off the dust boot on the drive shaft.

Totally worth it!!!

From everyone's reaction... I think I put on a good show. HAHA.
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