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yet another "giveaway XJ"


nobody of any consequence
well its not the one in the raffle but i dont want to scrap it... i have my parts truck pretty much stripped of what i want and can take.. it needs to go but it has a good engine in it and i have nowhere to put it if i pull it so im cutting my loses.
hereas whats left:
1987 laredo 4 dr, 140k miles, 4.0L I-6, 5 spd trans, stock D30 up front, D35 in the rear with NON MATCHING GEARS, towing package leaf springs, good glass and left side doors, right side doors are crunched, some of the accesories on the engine are gone, this truck needs to be trailered anywhere it goes since it has a broken u-bolt on the rear axle.. it has NO recent title, but i do have an older maine title,(mainly to show a trail of ownership) take it away.. please.. it has a good engine that will go to crap in a junk yard. so i figured i would offer it out to someone who could use it first.... i have parts to sell but i am not interested in selling or pulling anything else until its gone, one headache at a time.....
it was suffering from "no start" whan i got angry and decided i didnt have the patience for it.. the engine harness has been removed, it is really just the engine, valve cover to pan.. alternator, stater and compressor are gone. it has been picked over pretty well.. the engine is fine, since "no start" is an electronics issue....