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XJ/WJ hub incompatability


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Jensen, UT
Just to serve as warning....

I recently had the displeasure of changing busted front 30 shafts.
To ease trail swaps, I carry entire hub assemblies with inner and outer shafts.
I had a spare from a WJ and installed it while balancing the Jeep on a stair of a waterfall.
After the swap, I attempted to continue on, when all of a sudden....POW!!!!..... Busted those too.
Anyway, blah blah blah, I got another inner and outer set and installed them in my XJ hub.
Worked perfectly and finished the weekend.

What happened when it went pow?
Turns out the XJ hub is 1/4" thicker than the WJ unit.

After putting in the WJ hub I put the rotor and brake back on.
What I didn't know was the inside edge of the rotor was bound up on the knuckle and basically locked the whole right side down.
With the locker, the axle tried to go but couldn't and snapped.

As far as direct swaps, XJ replacements should be used any time it's possible.
As far as other models interchanging, I think TJ's will be the same, but I don't know about any others.

Maybe someone will chime in on what has worked for them....