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XJ Armor Inc. ?


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Anyone see these rocker gaurds, I really like the design, appear to be well thought out and made.


More info:

They dont seem to have a web address though, so I wonder if they are even in business anymore.

I actually bought a set. They were HUGE. They weighed a ton. With the fender trimming I had done, I would have had to cut off a couple of inches on each end for them to fit correctly. The shipping weight was around 120#s IIRC. They were extremely over build and too bulky for my tastes. Very expensive also. I sent them back and built my own.
XJ Armor is out of business, but Rusty's Off road took over making them and/or the design. They can be purchased from him.
Two thoughts on this style.With the shape so tight to the bodylines I think you would actually lose protection.Even the best sliders flex/move.Also they would tend to collect rocks/mud.When I built mine I kept about 3/4" away from everything.I also added a 3rd support in the middle.When I added aluminum plate betweem the rails and the frame I kept 3/4" gap there too,the mud washes out but I have to fish rocks out now and then!
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I had them on my ZJ, let me first start off by saying that they are way overbuilt..

They do not FLEX AT ALL because of the construction of the rockers, However they didnt stick out as much as I would like.

the mount with 8 bolts through the pinch weld with a backing plate of 1/8th plate, in addition they are made from double walled 1/.4" steel with a boxed bottom portion and internal gussets,

they are about 80lbs per side HEAVY!!!!...

Again, overall very stout and strong, but a little too heavy and not enough lateral protection..

I got them for free so they were a great deal..

My opinion is go with the ORGS, they are best combo of weight, strength and protection:anon: :arrowl:
A guy in our local Jeep club runs those are some just like them. You can see that rocks get caught between the rocker panel and the upper V part on his.

And, as a point of reference, mine are the typical 2" square tube 3/16" wall variety and they weigh around 28 lbs each.
Check-out Tomken rocker guards. They come in 2x2 and 2x4 versions. I run the 2x4 versions and they are awsome. My kids can step on the edge to get in the vehicle, and I have used them to pivot around rock obsticles.

You may what to re-enforce the pinch seam with some flat bar, because I have crushed my rocker's from the pinch seam failing at the connection points.
I like the way that they look; especially being close to the body. I'm in a wheelchair and need for them to be close to the body so that I can get in from my wheelchair. Does anyone know of someone else that makes some similiar in design to these that might be a bit lighter as these do appear to be a bit overbuilt to me also.
XJ Armor Rails... The best!!

I have the XJ Armor rails and beat the heck out of them. They are heavy and expensive, but they VERY stout. The thing I did not like about them was they were too close to the body, there was no place to stand or hi-lift from, so I added a secondary rock-slider which works great. Go to the photo forum and take a look...
After researching the different brands I went with a set of the ORGS SuperNerfs. A little more expensive then some but a little heavier duty also. Plus the clincher was I could pick them up and save on shipping. Just installed them a couple weeks ago. Haven't had them on the trail yet but they'll definately do the job they're built to do.