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XJ 2X2 Conversion


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Mesa, Arizona
Found an 1989ish vintage Jeep XJ in EXCELLENT condition and need to know how much $$$ it would take to convert the 2X to a 4X. How difficult is the conversion? Any advice is appreciated!!!!:confused:
ExtremeMopar said:
well, I can imagine the 2x2 version would be a lot more fabing than even the 2x4 version


Easiest way is to get the tranny, t-case, driveshafts, and front axle from a junked 4wd XJ. It's a big project, but you'll learn a ton about your new drivetrain by doing all the work yourself.
Don't forget the linkage for the transfer case. And don't forget that the 4WD setup will move the rear output back quite a bit, so in addition to needing a front drive shaft you'll also need a different rear drive shaft.
If the 89 has a 5 speed, it probably is a Peugot (21 spline), and I'd not bother with converting it...you could however sell that tranny and put the $$$ towards a 23 spline AX15/T-case from a 91+

Even the AW4 auto's went from 21 to 23 spline somewhere around '90.

Extreme, Static, and Eagle summed it up well. John B did this conversion a while back, so he might know some other pointers.
If only it was a 4X4

John B,
I was told you may have completed a TJ 2X conversion. True? If so, I found a 1990ish (did'nt take note as I wrote it off after finding it was a 2X). Jeep TJ in PERFRCT condition w/ only 50K miles for $5K. My question is it costly to turn the machine into a 4X4? I would lift the vehicle anyway so the front end would be out during the process! Would the existing tranny (Auto) bolt up w/ a transfercase? would the transfercase line up with factory boltholes (frame the same as a 4X4)? Any input you have with cost and/or ease is appreceated!!!

Thanks Jake
Try Ajaxauto.com , they are the XJ masters. They said they do the swap all the time, and they can do it in around 2 hours. If you have questions for them give them a call, they do not like to type all that much.
a TJ 2 wheel drive??? Never heard of one, is it imported or home made from someone stealing the TJ front ax and replacing with XJ 2x front?

In any case, if it exists, the same mods would apply (add 4x4 tranny -or rear case& output parts, t-case/linkage/lever, driveshafts) & have fun.
Thank You!!!


Thanks for the great information thus far. My questions are answered, and given your response I am off today to buy the retarded (2X2) XJ. I'll report back on how the conversion goes and will likely use this forus as a sounding board.