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Xeon H4 bulbs


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Effort, Pa
Was making a mobil-1 oil run to walmart last nite for some 5 quart containers and came across some H4 bulbs 'on the shelf' 55/65 xenon cyber whites made by Navigator. Never heard of the compan before but figured for $19 I'd give them a try. Was considering trying the sylvania silver star H4's but not at $39 a pop....
Xeon? When did Intel start making lighting?

Seriously - I've never heard of them either, so let us know how they work out. But - why not try Susquehanna Motorsports? They're out there your way in PA, (you're back East, right?) and I get Hella Super WHite 90/130 H4's from them for about $8 a shot... Even factoring in pack and post to CA, I come out ahead ordering from them vice buying locally (and finding Hella lighting out here consistently is like looking for fur on a frog..)

I've been using Hella lighting for more years than I'd care to admit to (show me a warrant and I'll take the Fifth!) and I've never had any complaints. Finding a vendor with good prices just clinches the deal for me...

I've been running the E code lights since 73, still have my 7" round CIBIE's on the shelf awating my unlimited. I normally buy from susquehanna, just have not gotten around to ordering any from them. The walmart thing was an impulse buy, they were there, I wanted another set. I had Xenons about 3 years ago from susquehanna and last year they burned out so I went back to the plain old H4's that came with the E codes. My sons TJ has the silverstar sealed beams and he likes them. We'll see tonight if they are any good when I drive out for coffee to test them.