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Would this have 4.10's?!

I have a tag between two diff bolts on the front of 2 axles that I picked up cheap. The tag has a 10 digit number...ID?....73 41-11 under the first number on the same tag.
I only know that this axle came of a 2.5L XJ, but no idea what year or transmission.
I did not find a number on the rear axle....yet. Gonna take some cleaning.
Any guesses or helpful facts?
WheelinJR said:
I just spotted a part out on a comanche, ill have to go check it out.

I want to do 4.56 but if i get these cheap enough, the hell with it

Keep in mind that the rear axle on the Comanche was sprung under, so you'll have to move the spring perches to use it in an XJ.
comancheon33 said:
41.11 = 3.73 I have 2 sets behind my garage. Hope that helps.

That helps a ton! So, it's the ring and pinion count!
Kinda hoping, after looking at some Jeep specs, that they where 4.10's at least...
Can I at least use the parts (axle shafts) for other Dana 30's and 35's?
I hope this helps others. I am sorry if I've interrupted the post.
It would be a shot in the dark to say that a 2.5/5spd manche had 4.10's.

Only MJ/XJ that is verified factory with 4.10's was the 2.5L with an AW4 behind it. (this has been verified over on the http://comancheclub.com/forums board )

My 4spd 2.5 MJ has 3.73's

my neighbors 2.5 '88 XJ with the TF904 slushbox has 3.55's.

AW4 + 2.5L = factory 4.10's , they are elusive, but can be found.
Well this guy never got back to me, so screw it.

I picked up a slightly used Yukon 4.56 and Carrier set for the d35, and I have my ECTED for the 30 up front, now all I need is my ring/pinion for the front and I am set.