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Woo hoo, don't have to tow with the cheby


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Dayton, OH
Well, looks like Dad is going to come on over with me now, which means I don't have to work on the truck now cuz the RV has the towing duties :party:

I called the campground last night and they said we'd fit.

I start the regear of the front axle today. I need a different M/C for my disc swap but it works a little bit so I'm not gonna change it until I have the gears swapped out.

Gee - and I heard Ben had gotten a larger tent to make room for you! ;)

Glad Red Ridge can accomodate the behemoth - still planning on getting there Thursday evening? Hope your Dad is as competent a crew as your Mom was last year - she was a real trooper!

(Brakes? You use brakes???)

Mike in NJ :patriot:
Mike, I think I only had front brakes the whole time I was in Moab :eek:

I'm planning on being there thurs. evening, but now I'm having gear swap probs. I'm sure I can overcome it though. I wanna run something fun on fri. before you folks try to egg me into something stupid on sat.

I dunno about staying in Ben's tent, I'm afraid of getting rundover :D

Some thing tells me it won't take much "egging"

I think the game plan for Friday is Voodoo, not exactly Death Valley, but plenty of places to do stupid things.
Well it looks like you folks won't be able to talk me into anything stupid. I've just made plans to go on a "secret" wheelin' trip 2 weeks after this one, so I can't be breakin' anything.