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Winterfest raffle winners


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NAXJA Member
Warsaw, IN
Here is a list of all of the raffle price winners this year.

Brown dog gift certificate - Scott Moore
ECGS gift certificate - Brandon Weirich
ARES steering box spacer - Suzi Evilsizor
Sluff grab handles - Matt Rowland
Rock auto gift certificate - Travis Mcvey
IRO gift certificate - Craig Busch
ARB adventure light - Byron Fourman
Brown dog gift certificate - Matt Rowland
Napier hood vents - Wade Kollmann
JKS upper control arms - Derek Smith
ECGS gift certificate - Travis Mcvey
IRO lower control arm brackets - Tim Nolan
Badlands shirt and sticker - Mark Smith
Sluff grab handle gift certificate and IRO hat - Mark Smith
ARES hood vents - Nick Adams
IRO dana 30 sleeve kit - Jeff Parker
BDS fixed lower arms - Mark Smith
TORQ dana 30 locker - Suzi Evilsizor
Napier hood vents - Kyle Petrauskis
IRO 8.8 swap kit - Brandon Weirich
Cherokee necklace - Kyle Petrauskis
Light bar, wiring, mounts - Dan Wheeler
IRO dana 30 'c' gussets - Travis Mcvey
ECGS gift certificate, hat, coozie,sticker - Kyle Petrauskis
IRO steering box brace - Andy Gennette
Badlands shirt and sticker - Dan Wheeler
Brown dog motor mount certificate - Travis Mcvey
IRO steering spacer - Kevin Ramirez
ECGS swag and sluff gift certificate - Dave Kollmann
IRO dana 30 truss - Nolan Johnson
JKS adjustable lower arms - Kyle Petrauskis
IRO steering spacer and hat - Josh James
Badlands shirt and sticker - Matt Rowland
Warn recovery kit - Andy Gennette
Sluff cup and gift certificate - Derek Smith
IRO steering brace and hat - Brad Nabholz
Badlands license plate - Wade Kollmann
Badlands swag - JR Harrison
IRO 3 link kit - Tim Nolan
Badlands swag - Pat Schneider
RKW chromo dana 30 shafts - Scott Kuffel
Badlands hat and sluff certificate - Stacy Busch
ARES winch bumper - Matt Rowland

Congrats to all the winners