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Windshield compatibility


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I was looking around for a windshield for a potenial new project (92 2-door XJ) and I was just wondering which XJ's will have the same windshield as this one.
What's the cut-off for the molding change (97??).
You can use the new style rubber moulding on an older XJ to eliminate the wind noise from the aluminum trim. I had the new style put on my '87 the last time I had my windshield replaced. All I had to do was grind off the tabs that hold the trim and the glass guy took it from there. It is much quieter and doesn't leak, so I don't see a downside.
I also had the rubber molding put on my 87 XJ. It was easy. Just grind off the clips for the old chrome molding. Heck, the glass store even did it for me at no extra charge. It will work, and it looks and seals great.........

so i guess this works the other way as well? an older windshield will fit in a 97+ after getting rid of the aforementioned clips?

(yes, i realize that this is an old thread)
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