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What do you guys use for parts cleaner chemicals?


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Since I'll be doing a motor soon I need to dig out my trusty harbor freight parts washer. It actually works pretty good except it says to use only water based cleaner. I have tried half a dozen different cleaners but they were all terrible, didn't clean and got super dirty super quick. My dad had always used mineral spirits in his washer but I have to be able to weld in the same space and that screams explosion hazard. Im not adverse to using actual solvent in it but is there a economical one that is not flammable?
I use nothing but diesel fuel for the past 55yrs!
I use mineral spirits.

You get explosion hazards when you vaporize or atomize a solvent.
Manuals stopped recommending gasoline because of the low vapor temp, and extolled using other solvents.

The flash point of Mineral Spirits and Diesel are similar.

I wonder why they recommend water based solvents?
I have the same parts washer. I've used Purple Power and Simple green. Neither do a decent job despite a variety of concentrations.

My guess is the recommendation is based on water vs petroleum.
Its been since the late 80's, I worked on guns. The parts cleaner ran out of fluid. Sam's Club didn't have any in stock. The owners brought back a gallon pail of carb cleaner. I was wobbly or more like high after cleaning one gun. I went to Brownell's and orders some of their cleaner. It work OK.
They list Mirachem for $80 and Brownell's d'Solve Cleaner for $50. I do not know how well they would work for Auto grime. Also, check to see if they are water soluble. The d'Solve says it is concentrated. The Mirchem list as usable in parts cleaners.