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Root Moose

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ON, Canada
What's the latest guidance on PCM tuning?

It looks like HPTuners had a viable product for a while, and then end-of-lifed the MPVI2 dongle for the MPVI3 which has borked the JTEC+ plus support and even today people are bricking their PCMs in spite of supposed support.

What other options are there?

HPTuners TrackAddict for Android appears to be abandon-ware now as well so that has also left a bad taste if you know what I mean. Can HPT be trusted?

In an ideal world I'd look further into Megasquirt (Miata and MR2 builds on the go will be getting it) but I like the idea of retaining the original XJ dash gauges... for now.

I saw the CAN-2-CCD stuff. Sounds time intensive to make that plus unknown unknowns so for now am looking for something a little less time intensive (i.e: too many car projects).

Thanks for any insights.
I've always sent mine out to B+G Performance.
They are right down the street from me and they have a horrible reputation!