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Trimming Flares


NAXJA Forum User
Danville, PA
I want to trim the flares on my '97 anyone have any tips?
Step 1. Take sawzall.

Step 2. Cut until you get scared youre going to hit anything thats important.

Step 3. Take a nap, cause youre done.
Danville huh? That's pretty close to home... Closer than I am right now :D

Exactly what do you want to trim? There's lots of different ways to do it. Commonly, people with 97+ XJs trim the bumper endcap up front to allow clearance for turning when stuffed.

A little more info on the rig would help out ;)
I have a RE 3.5" with 31x10.50's... Trimming the end cap sounds like what I need cause thats when I get the most noise... when I stuffed and trying to turn
Another Pa'er! I'm in lancaster.
Anyways my rig is sitting at 3.5". Check out the back of the wheel well on yours... I was getting a hell of a noise coming from the passenger side front and it turned out that my tire was catching the edge of my flare. I only happened to me at a full cranked turn. I am '94 though. Just a thought, I had no other problems. But I dont know how it'll go on newer style XJ.