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Transmission Shifting Problem


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Middle Tennessee
I have just over a week to get my XJ ready for Harlan and I have a problem.

First the details:

1988 Jeep XJ
AW4 transmission
300,000 mile (approximate)
Jeep has sat since September 2023 without being run
It has been stored inside an enclosed shop
Battery was dead with 2 volts
Transmission fluid is full, regular color and doesn't smell burnt

On Sunday, I changed the oil, greased the suspension, and checked the differential fluid. I then installed a fresh Group 34 AGM battery. Jeep started after just a few cranks and ran fine. I backed it out of the shop and let it idle and get up to temp. It backed out of the shop just fine. When I put it in drive (overdrive 4), it took a lot of RPM's to get it moving. It's like it was sluggish. Once rolling, it seemed to run and accelerate fine. I went down the road and back and it was sluggish when I turned around.

On a second trip, I pulled over and had to go up a small incline to pull back out onto the road and it was almost all it could do to pull back on the road. Once I got back to the shop, I dropped it into 3rd gear and it acts the came as 4th. I put it in 1-2 and it jumps to life. Great response to throttle input. I have not tried the 1-2 gear on an incline yet.

At first I thought I may have stuck or failed solenoids for gears 3 and 4. Maybe the transmission kickdown lever is out of adjustment, a fuse, or bad solenoid?

Help! I have just over a week to fix this before Harlan. I know, shame on me for waiting this long.
First step would be to check the throttle valve cable adjustment.
I'm hoping that is what it is. After doing some research and watching some YouTube videos, that will the first thing I will check when I get back home.
I messed with the TV cable and it didn't do anything.

I was sent a link in another thread to a look into that Cruiser54 had as a write up. https://cruiser54.com/?p=58

After that, I'm hoping to check the solenoids to see if one (or more) is bad and get them replaced. Lawsoncl posted what resistance I'm looking for. I have a Renix wiring schematic that I hope to use to identify the wires for each solenoid to check them.