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Transmission mounts?


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Where can I get the mount for the Peugot transmission? I'm figuring it is a dealer only part. The rubber has seperated from the mount on mine and since I have the transfer case out I was going to replace the mount but can't find one.
whats wrong with the dealer? for my aw4 mount the dealer was cheaper than pep boys price.
trans mount.

I know everyone has a AW4, but without a picture of your mount. Does it have four holes on the crossmember and two to mount to the trans? If so, Rusty's Offroad has a really nice one or you can try a daystar mount which I think they make or 5speeds. if you have a pic it might help.
I had to buy a new one last summer. It cost me $240.00 at the dealer. I kid you not! Only place I could find to get one. AX15 mount were $35 its crazy. The exhuast is hooked to the bracket.
I am in the middle of swapping out that old junk for a AX15 conversion kit from (mantrans.com). They said its coming with a mount but Im not getting rid of mine till I see it with my own eyes. Ill sell it to you for a fraction of the price if I get the right one.

I have a tranny mount for a Peugot for sale. It was installed on my XJ for about a year before I swapped in an AX-15. $50.00 and it's yours', shipped. Big XJ is right about the price, I think I paid $225.00ish for mine. That's crazy but the dealer is the only source. PM me if you are interested.