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Trans. question


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Hanscom, MA
I have a 97 4.0 with an AW4 w/ 84700 miles on it. Ever since I re-geared to 4.56 from 3.55's when I go over about 75mph or it downshifts and hits rpms above 3.5k it starts to push trans fluid out of the dipstick. Which in turn leaves a cloud of smoke behind me from it hitting the exhaust and burning off. The not being able to do 75 is not a problem I rarely go that fast in my rig anyway. I only hit those speeds once in a while on the interstate passing now and then. My concern is for it actually catching on fire instead of just smoking!! Any ideas would be appreciated.
it's overfilled would be my first guess. When you overfill a tranny the fluid foams, which will make the tranny overheat, which will push it out of the dipstick. Check your tranny cooler lines as well. I had to reroute mine and am in the process of wrapping my exhaust in heat wrap becuase they're routed so close.
Nope not overfilled and I kept my lines away from the exhaust.
I'm not to sure that it is overheating either. I can start it up and it will do it as soon as I hit 75mph. It's not hot at all in this case and it still comes out of the dipstick. I've played around with it to find a cause without getting inside the trans but haven't come up with it yet. Anybody had any problems like this after going to lower gears? If not I guess I'm going to have to start looking inside the trans. I don't want to find out something is going wrong at a bad time on the road or trail!
I had problems like this when my trans was overfull.

In my case, I'd gotten water in it wheeling, and it was about 2 quarts high.