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Trans leaks and Cooler


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Ok, Ok, I know this one has been done to DEATH, but I can't find what I'm looking for in the archives.

Leaky transmission coolant line. The old line had a big ole' swollen spot on the side of it, so I replaced it. The old one leaked at the coupling (one half of the hose goes from the trans to the rad, and couples to a short hose that comes off the rad with a quick disconnect coupling). The new one is leaking as well, right at the same spot. There were no o-rings inside the old trans line, and there weren't any inside the new line. Should there be?

The aftermarket coolers I've looked at at Auto Value just come with the Cooler and a length of rubber hose. Where do you splice the lines together? What is the best way to do this?
1. The leak is occuring at the connection between the two lines, caused by an loose fitting from one of the lines or a warped o ring at the connector or warped connector (such as the flare if its a flare fitting). Quick disconnects involve O rings I think.

2. The tranny fluid goes to the radiator where it goes in one side, goes through a tube, is cooled by the water and then returns to the tranny. You would splice into where the fluid comes OUT of the radiator and route the cooled fluid (coming out of aftermarket cooler) to the return to transmission line when you install the aftermarket cooler. This should be the right hand side if I'm not mistaken. To check, disconnect a lines and see what spews out fluid when the engine is started (a lot comes out so put a bucket or something there). Determine the path of the fluid. Do not bypass the fluid cooler thats part of the radiator when installing aftermarket coolers. It is designed to cool the fluid further after it already cools in the radiator.

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