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trailer hitch "bolt strips"


nobody of any consequence
i need new bolts to reinstall my stock tow hitch.. are these strips availabe anywhere anymore? D/C says its discontinued.. and honestly i didnt call my uhaul guy yet.. i'm sure he can get me the square washers and such but strips would be soooooooo much easier...
thanks again..
Last I knew they were still available from dealers. I hope they aren't discontinued, because they were dealer only. You're right -- aftermarket vendors are going to give you the square tabs and fish wire.
wow..... I just looked up some parts on the mopar dealer site and I have to say that I can haggle a better price out of my dealership (after they agree that such a part exists.... ). I guess they are good for parts that are no longer in existance at the dealership but the rest... haggle folks :D

I just got the nut strips a month ago. Had to be ordered but not discontinued.
I have a passengerside one laying around it came with a gas tank skid. never used. make an offer
i called a different "parts clown" today and he found them for me... in chicago... i'll have them monday...
thanks guys!