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Track Bar Bolt (Chassis Bracket)


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I recently bought a 2000 Cherokee Sport and I am in the process of changing out some suspension and steering parts.

When trying to remove my track bar bracket I discovered a smooth metal sleeve holding one of the bolts instead of a nut on the bottom of the bracket. I thought maybe it was tack welded in place, but when I tried to loosen the bolt the sleeve spun freely with it. I drowned the threads in PB blaster and clamped on the sleeve with locking pliers but still could not get the bolt loose. I tried using an impact wrench but the pliers wouldn't hold. What is strange to me is there were no marks on the sleeve (prior to me clamping on it).

Has anyone else encountered this? It does not seem like a normal situation to me. Does anyone have any solutions in mind to remove the bolt? Currently I'm thinking of having someone tack weld the sleeve in place. I know I don't need to remove the bracket to remove the track bar but it would still be nice to have removable fasteners on the bracket if I needed to remove it for any reason.
Well my jeep is modified with a drop bracket since I bought it so I cant say what stock is like .
So what you is saying is the nut is rounded not a hex, correct? If so my assumption then is that if stock, perhaps that rounded nut was once welded in place to prevent turning, and now the welds are broke free??????

perhaps you can link a photograph? just post elsewhere the photo, and give us the link if you dont have photo privilages here. (I sure wish they would allow non paying posters to put up photos, that would GREATLY enhance this website)

Anyway a photo would be very helpful. post elsewhere and link if not a member here.

looking forward to the photo, then we can figure this out I hope.

Here are the photos. I'm thinking of having that sleeve tack welded so I can remove the bolt and replace the sleeve with a nut. I considered cutting it but it I don't want to risk hitting the bracket with the cutter. Problem is I do not have the equipment or skills to weld.
I had the same problem on my 99 when I went to replace the bracket when I installed the lift kit. I just clamped it with some vice grips until I was able to remove it. It took a few tries, but you just have to clamp the crap out of it.
Hit it with a propane or mapp torch if you can. sometimes a little heat can work wonders.
I expect that "sleeve" was originally resistance welded in place.

Either weld it back or use the Vice-Grips and then replace it with a proper nut.
heat that round nut with a torch, then grab it with a large vice grip, while still hot, then while hot try to remove the bolt. be sure to use a large vice grip, you probably need all the grip possible. the heat will expand the round nut a bit, loosening the bolt, dont heat the bolt, rather aim the flame at the nut.

if that fails, grip the round nut, then cut or grind off the head of the bolt.

good luck!