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towing question


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2000 auto/w/towpkg 242
plan on renting uhaul w/surge brakes to tow the CJ5 up to the farm in OR since i dont use it around here (SF) n y more.
would use dolly, but dont want to disco the shaft...just in case i decide to stop off at various friends along the way and hit some trails...
BTW the CJ5 is a superjeep w/the massive 304.
will the XJ handle this?
things i should watch for?
what class is the factory tow pkg?
Those Uhaul trailers are heavy, but I think you'll be okay given the trailer brakes. You might want to look into using a weight distributing setup since this combination will probably approach the XJ's max towing capacity. I doubt you should use OD at all. Just take it slow. The factory tow package is Class III, and all the information should be in your owners manual.
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thanks for the info lawn cher.
thats pretty much what i thought, and when i did the search it indicated the same, but with less direct info....so thanks again.
You're welcome. If there is one subject I do take seriously it is towing. See, I'm not all bad. :sunshine:
I've towed a U-Haul auto transport with a 98 chrysler town and country minivan once before and i'm still alive to tell the tale. We were only hauling a 2 dr import with it though. Just be cautious, use your head, and you should be fine.
yeah, i think the operative word here is SLOW and LOW. i just hope the XJ doesn't strain too much at the pass in the siskyous...its the highest on the I-5 corridor and 8% in some parts...then once you've gone up its time to go down...and the down is TWISTY! with the semi's flying mach speed.
thanks again for the input guys/girls.
BTW lawn cher' i don't judge people on naxja... i do patrol the threads and find out who gives the good info... and it seems yours is based in reality for the lionshare of the time. :)
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I am wondering, how far are you towing, and will the rear bearing of that CJ5 TCase lubricate properly? I know the Dana300's will have a problem, but since your CJ5 (if that's the original 304) is probably pre 1980 it's an earlier model. If you pull it off the Dolly to wheel every few hundred miles, it should be a non-issue.
the reason i was going with the surge brake trailer was to avoid the rear wheels being in contact with the ground...otherwise i would disco the driveline. it is the original 304 (in fact its all bone stock except for the 4" lift) 1973...just regular service. so yeah the xfer case and tranny are very stout and towing on the trailer like this with all 4 off the ground shouldn't be an issue. my main concern was the uphill on the tranny and engine of the XJ and the XJ's brakes on the down hill (hence the trailer with surge brakes). i think the total distance is in the neighborhood of 800 miles...SF CA to Eugene OR.
Take it easy and you should be okay. Lawn Cher' is correct, although not emphatic enough. You definitely should not use overdrive -- the owner's manual tells you not to use OD when towing.