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torquing down springs...


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Ok, so I'm putting in new (used) springs... and I looked into the FSM and it says that the springs (and shackle) should be torqued to the frame 118ft lbs or so while my torque wrench only goes to 100... so I torqued it to 100.... should I borrow a bigger one? I really don't wanna break of that nut inside.

Also the shackle should be 80.... any tricks to torquing it while it's installed? I made it easy on myself and just tightened it so that the install of the springs back was a snap :D (btw, an additional trick was to sharpen the tips of the bolts... it made it easy to go into the thread!!!!)

What size wrench you using ,3/8 drive ? A 1/2 drive should go to 150 ft lbs.
Rent a bigger wrench and torque to spec. Don't guess.

On a side note, hopefully you've chased those rusty old treads and de-rusted them chemically, and coated with anti-sieze before assembling.
Makes re-doing them so much easier.
Agree on the anti-sieze. If you used it, you're good to go on torque. Stated torques in the FSM are for "clean, dry" threads. Anti-sieze lubricates the threads, and when using it you should reduce the torque by 15% to 20%. Which would make 100 ft-lbs just about right.