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to anyone who's used an eb 44


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Cincy, Ohio
Just wondering, how straight is the swap (suspension-wise)? Would do a high-steer with flat-tops so steering isn't an issue. I realize brake lines are different and wheel bolt pattern are different. I'm only concerned about springs, shocks, and suspension arms. I know the eb 44 is a little bit shorter than an XJ 30. Seems to me that the spring pad to spring pad distances are within about an inch though which wouldn't make that much difference, would it? I have the chance to pick up a 44 from a 72 or 73 EB for $250 and also a rear 9" for practically nothing. Seems logical... stronger axles, much stronger hubs, oppurtunity to go to high-steer. Just don't know how tough it is to make one work. Fab skills are not a problem. Have grinder, have welder, have suspension building experience. Plus, it's not even for my Jeep. Can you grind off the radius arm brackets and use a 4-link long-arm or do you have to use the radius arms. A friend of mine has an EB and I am not impressed with it's flex. Nowhere near how my long-arm XJ flexes. Or, has anyone used a wristed radius arm on an XJ here? I know this has been talked about on here before but I did a quick search and came up with nothing. Any tips, tricks, or pointers would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
I'm only here to inform Bezel. If you read the write up I even mention that the high pinion 44 would be a better option if you could & wanted to do the work. Touchy Touchy. Did someone shave their head a little too close tonight? The more you try to push me away the more I want to get closer to you, you old que ball. ;)


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Thanks Matt. I've seen that write-up before but couldn't remember where. I searched on this board and didn't find it. I was at work yesterday and didn't have too much time to be doing this kind of stuff anyway. Wait a minute. I'm at work now and shouldn't be doing this. When I get some free time, I'll read through that write-up and I'm sure I'll be getting back to you. Anyway... thanks.
I am in the process of swapping in a EB 44 and 9" as we speak. I have the axels mounted up with a rustys long arm kit. I should be done in a week or so I will let you know how it all works out. I just need to set up the steering and track bar.
That would be great. Thanks. This is for a buddy's Jeep. He's going back and forth between an EB 44 or having a fullsize Bronco high pinion 44 cut down. I have a fullsize HP 44 cut-down in mine with flat-top knuckles and GM brakes and can't believe I didn't do it earlier! Mucho stronger (has Warn shafts and CTMs too), stops better with the 1/2 ton stuff, rides much nicer on the street (manual hubs = no steering drag with locker), and steers SO much better with the high-steer. I bought it already cut down and set-up though (minus the flat-tops & high-steering) so I don't know what all is involved with having one cut and a new inner shaft made. I assume you can get away with cutting down just the passenger side. What about spring pads though? And don't they have a cast radius arm bracket that you can't cut off or something? I got a buddy selling a 79 FS Bronco with a 44 and 9" for $650. I think it would be worth it for the axles and sell the 351, tranny, and x-case for whatever I can get.