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To anyone that's been to paragon before.

Well, let's think about this for a minute.

#1 rule in ultimate traction is- All 4 Wheels Must Participate.

If you don't have a front locker or aren't willing to weld the front, then you definately need to do something with the rear. Are you trying to save money or just want the :cool: factor of bein' spooled? To be honest, if you have the cash buy a detroit, or if you have even more I'd go selectable. I'm welded front and rear and it's great, but I'd like to have some detroits.

Yeah, I agree with Oneton, anything you can do to increase traction on your rig will be a help. The nice part about a spool or welded gears is the predictability. You KNOW both tires will be digging all the time. With a locker, you sometimes get a skip before the other tire locks in.

Also, it means you can run a higher rated trail too :D

Well.. I'm swapping out gears about a month after Paragon...

this is including a carrier change...

so I'd have to deal with a welded rear for about a month.

so, I have a welder, and a "disposable" carrier ;)

I'd like to go with detroits front and rear, but this was just kind of a spur of the moment decision.

I welded the rear in my old dodge, but that had a longer wheelbase, less weight over the rear and in general, I never even noticed it was welded (didn't turn worth a shit anyway)

If it's going to be worth the effort (which it sounds like it will be) I'll do it... but I'm basically doing it for the sole purpose of NACfest.

it's one of those "I've got nothin' to lose" situations


If I wasn't runnin a D30 up front, and had a tow rig, I'd weld the front too... but I gotta drive it there. I do have a "ride" lined up for the return trip...

Just in case ;)
Do you have a disco front axle? If so go ahead and weld the front up too :D The lock collar won't engage until it's told to.

I love tryin' to egg people on to welded diffs :spin1: