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Throttle Cable Guide Replacement?


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Davenport, IA
Hello, I can’t seem to find a replacement throttle cable guide (plastic one over valve cover). Many websites are out of stock on the item, or just don’t carry them, and I was curious if anyone knows where to get one. As mine is snapped. Thanks!

2000 Jeep XJ 4.0L Inline 6

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Not really sure which cable you are talking about.
Cause of the terminology.
What most people would call the kickdown cable Jeep calls the throttle cable.
What I believe most people might call the throttle cable Jeep calls the accelerator cable.
Anyway in my travels I have come across these:



Not sure if either of these are right or would help but......
I think he's talking about the cable hold down right behind my 4.0 badging?
Most everything is dis-continued now so you might be able to find some NOS but the junkyard is going to be your best bet. There is no requirement for that so that's a possibility also.
BTW the part# is 52079029